His for the Teaching Sample Chapters

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Chapter One

Violet Driscoll

THE END OF SUMMER vacation is always bittersweet, but this time the mixture of my emotions is particularly potent.  The metaphorical taste on my tongue is bitter because nine months of a school year lies yawning before me and sweet because it will be my last one.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up a senior at Moon Crescent High School in Robeton, South Carolina.  Home of moonbeams and lofty dreams that rarely, if ever, come true.

This long awaited milestone should be filled with anticipation and celebration.  For me, it’s a painful reminder of being all alone in this crazy, topsy-turvy world.  One minute, I was a princess being doted on by a big, strong military man I called Dad and a graceful, classy and demure lady I called Mom.  The man I thought was invincible was blown to bits two years ago by a defective explosive during a routine bomb-diffusing exercise.  My mom, along with some of the soldiers on my Dad’s squad, suspected foul play.  But no one could prove a thing.  Several lawyers and a mountain of debt later, I learned you can’t fight Uncle Sam.  Unfortunate accidents like the one that destroyed my world were often covered up and easily swept under the rug like a long-forgotten dust bunny.

Mom and I had become empty vessels drifting across stormy waters without the loving husband and father who had been the anchor of our little family unit.  A man who will never be forgotten as long as there is breath in my body.

In the aftermath of his death, my mother literally lost herself.  I no longer recognized the woman who raised me.  Gone was the well-put together, fashionable and funny lady whom my dad had daily put on a pedestal.  In her place was a sloppy, intoxicated shell who shed her shyness beneath a chemical-induced haze.  She traded pretty, floral dresses and baking brownies for slutty, skin-tight pants and one-night stands.

On the first day of June, she took off with a shady, greasy-looking traveling salesmen who was wearing a rumpled suit and a bad toupee.  She left me standing in our driveway—the one my dad paved himself—with a look of shock in my big, brown eyes and tears streaming down my face.  As the sleaze-bucket with a Slim Jim bobbing between his lips pulled away, she lowered the passenger-side window and sang with a slur:

Done laid around, done stayed around this                 

old town too long. 

Summer’s almost gone, winter’s coming on.

And it seems like I’ve got to travel on.

And it seems like I’ve got to travel on.

Suffice it to say, she ruined Bob Dylan for me.  Since I didn’t have the luxury of losing my mind or traveling on, I got a job with the Outlaw Rodeo.  All the riders dress up like famous outlaws from the Old West.  It’s their shtick and a huge draw for the clamoring crowds.

After the new high school was built, the town let Billy the Kid Yele set up camp on the old football field.  Bull-riding and calf-roping is a big source of summertime fun in our sleepy southern town.  My dad had been a big fan of westerns, and going to the rodeo was one of our favorite things to do together.  Working here makes me feel closer to him.

The last night of the rodeo is winding down, and so am I.  The fans have dispersed.  The parking lot is almost empty.  A few stragglers hang around to chew the fat with sweaty, dusty, exhausted riders who are anxious to get back to their trailers.

Billy makes his way over to me as I lean back against the bullpen, propping the heel of my cowgirl boot on the bottom rail.

Looking worn out, he says, “If you’ll hold on a tick, little lady, I’ll get your pay.”

I can’t help but smile at his long, lazy drawl.  “I’ll be right here.”

He tips his hat and heads in the direction of a beat-up camper, doubling as his office and sleeping quarters.  I’m going to miss him and the others.  This isn’t my first rodeo, but it will be my final one.  Next summer, if my plans pan out, I’ll be in Italy.

While waiting on Billy, I spot a stranger who looks completely out of place among the dirt-floor arena, leather saddles and bales of hay.  He is the exact opposite of the rough-and-tumble cowboys I have worked alongside for the last three months.  This man has the whole tall, dark and handsome thing going on.  He has paired black penny loafers with navy slacks and a stark-white dress shirt.  The crisp sleeves are rolled to his elbows, showcasing the sexiest, hairiest forearms I have ever seen.  His outfit is the furthest thing from rodeo attire I can think of.

With his full, firm-looking lips slightly parted and his head down as if he were concentrating on his every step, he is headed straight toward me on a collision course I have no desire to stop.  Letting my boot slide off the rail, I lock my knees and brace my body for impact.

Like a countdown to a missile launch, I silently tick off his last few steps.  Three.  Two.  One.  Crash.

The second his muscular shoulder slams into my sleeveless one, I teeter sideways.  Before I can grab hold of the rusty-orange rails, his sexy, tanned hands become brackets of steel on both sides of my hips, steadying me. 

His deep, baritone voice feels like a lover’s caress.  “I’m so sorry.  Are you okay?”


Chapter Two

Rhett Calder

SHIT! I KNEW GOING out tonight was a big mistake.  When I’m under this kind of stress, I should always stay home.  Out of the public eye.  Away from my fellow man or woman, as it were.

I was driving to a coffee shop when I saw the arena and heard the roar of the crowd.  My eyes were drawn to the motes of dust and dancing moths beneath the stadium lights.  While they hypnotized me, I had nearly hit a telephone pole head-on.  Now I have carelessly plowed into a young, curvy goddess in snug-fitting jeans and cowgirl boots while I was studying the various-size footprints in the dry, red-clay dirt. 

I feel tongue-tied when she speaks.  “I’m fine, mister.  But you really should watch where you’re going.”

Her southern accent is intoxicating.  With my hands still locked firmly on the flare of her hips, I nod and say with all the bravado I’m not feeling, “Tell me your name.”

She blushes, and it’s one of the sweetest yet sexiest things I have ever witnessed. 


“Like the flower.”

“Yeah, only I’m not nearly as pretty.”

“That’s a damn lie.”  My tone is too insistent and unyielding.  I have to make a concerted effort to soften it lest she think I am some kind of lunatic.  “I meant to say, the way your beautiful body blooms beneath the moon makes you prettier than any blossom I’ve ever seen.”

Swallowing hard, I do my level best to tamp down the intensity vibrating through my veins.  I really should turn around and walk away before I do something I’ll regret.  Or worse, something she’ll regret.

She smiles and gives her hair a flirty flip.  The whole fucking world tilts on its axis.  The warmth of her breath flutters across my face when she whispers like she’s sharing a secret.  “That might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

Entranced, I quietly watch as she bites her bottom lip before giving me the gift of her voice again.   “You must be new around here.  I haven’t seen you before.”

I clear my throat but, at this point, nothing can clear my mind.  Silently, I command my hands to release her, but they don’t obey.  “I got into town a week ago.”

“You just passing through, or are you planning on staying a while?”

I step closer, knowing the mere bulk and presence of my body will push hers even harder against the thick, metal rails of the bullpen.  All I can think about is bucking her like a wild bronc.

“I start a new job tomorrow.  I guess you could say I’m putting down roots here.”

She sighs.  “In that case, welcome to Robeton.  We may not be the friendliest town in the South, but we come pretty dang close.”

I can see the glint of teasing in her beautiful, bourbon-brown eyes.  A soft, soulful color a man can quickly drown in.

The attraction between us is sparking with an electricity more powerful than a high-voltage cattle prod.  I’m most definitely the aggressor, but this young woman has given no indication my nearness is unwelcome.  Her dilated pupils and breathy sighs are giving me the green light, and it’s all I can do not to slam my foot down on the accelerator.

Trying to drag in a deep breath through the heat and heavy humidity of an August night, I say, “Violet, if you don’t push me away right now, I’m going to kiss you until you faint.”

She raises her eyebrows.  “Who are you? Rhett Butler?”

“No.  I’m Rhett Calder, and the need to taste you is more than I can endure.  This is your last chance to say no.  To scream.  To slap me in the face.”

“Or knee you in the balls.”

“Both your feet are still on the ground,” I say, glancing down at her cute, cowgirl boots.

“So they are,” she says, smiling sweetly before teasingly licking her bottom lip and tilting her head to the side.

The time for talking is definitely over.  Fisting my hand in her shimmery-blonde hair, it takes every shred of my willpower to barely brush my lips against hers.  All I really want to do is devour her.  To drink the sweet nectar from her lips until I am no longer thirsting to death.  Her pretty mouth opens on a feathery, feminine sigh.  Tightly-bottled control snaps like a fucking rubber band being pulled past its limit.

My hips thrust forward in sync with my tongue.  She accepts the intimate intrusion, not submissively but as an active participant.  As our lips, teeth and tongues meld in a mating ritual more animalistic than I could have imagined possible, her fingers grasp at the back of my shirt, plastering the sweat-soaked material to my scorching-hot skin.  I cup her ass, dragging her forward like some archaic caveman who has no command over his cock.  Her sex sears mine through the fabric barrier of my slacks, making me groan.  I’m two seconds from ripping off every stitch of her clothing when I hear a gruff, countrified voice.

“Is this man botherin’ you, Violet?”

To my surprise, she playfully pushes me away and says, “I’m afraid I was the one molesting him, Billy.  Working with you hayseeds fifty hours a week didn’t leave much time for a summer fling.  I figured I was at least entitled to a kiss before real life reared its ugly head again.”

The cowboy chuckles.  “I reckon there’s no harm in a little smoochin,’ just so it’s consensual.  Did you ask this fella’s permission before ya’ll locked lips?” he asks, handing her an envelope.

She takes it and stuffs it into the back pocket of her Levis.  “I didn’t get anything in writing, but he didn’t seem to mind too much,” she says, winking.

Billy tips his hat at us.  “You two youngsters don’t stay out too late.  The mornin’ comes mighty early.”


Chapter Three

Violet Driscoll

THE RELENTLESS LIGHT OF morning stabs my eyes through the slightly-parted blinds of my bedroom.  Getting ready for school is the absolute last thing I want to do.  I couldn’t fall asleep until well after three in the a.m. for thinking about Rhett Calder.  About his hands on my hips.  About his tongue in my mouth.  About his massive, hard-as-granite erection pressed against my jeans-clad pussy.

The man was a walking dream.  One I was positive I had conjured up when he practically disappeared into thin air.  One minute Billy was handing me a week’s wages, and I was tucking it into my back pocket.  The next, I looked up to see the sexy silhouette of Rhett’s backside as he ran off into the night.

Glancing at the alarm clock, I sigh with relief. Despite my forgetting to set it, I have still awoken around six-thirty.  If nothing unforeseen happens, I should get to class with time to spare.  Throwing my thin comforter back, I untangle my legs from the sheets and make my way to the bathroom.  I still haven’t gotten used to the sound of my lone footsteps in this empty house.

My mom has been gone for three months now.  Not once has she called to check on me.  Shortly after she left, she sent me a postcard from Mexico.  I have no idea if she and the slimy salesmen are still slurping tequila and eating refried beans on the beach or if she has moved on with a swarthy Mexican stud, salsa dancing until dawn.

Truthfully, I don’t care what she is doing.  Why should I? She doesn’t care about me enough to even pick up a phone.  If my dad were still alive, her behavior would kill him all over again.  Of course, if he had not been blown into a million pieces, she would still be a model mother and ideal housewife.  Life sure can be a bitch sometimes.  But it can be positively perfect at other times.  Like last night, when a handsome stranger came to the rodeo and kissed me until I got lightheaded and my knees knocked together from weakness and excitement.

Out of my limited wardrobe, I choose a black dress with pink polka dots.  It’s the last outfit my dad bought me, and I need to feel he is close by as I start the final chapter of my high school career.

After all, the first day of a girl’s senior year is pretty significant. 

Since Dad passed away, I’ve packed a few more pounds onto my already plus-size figure, causing the silky material to cling a little tighter to my curves.  Still, I feel fairly satisfied with my reflection in the mirror.  Wanting to look extra special, I decide to add a few final touches—a faux pearl bracelet and matching necklace, sheer-black pantyhose and black heels—then make my way to the kitchen for some milk and a Pop-Tart.  Not the healthiest breakfast, I know.  But it’s quick, and I need to get out the door.


CLUTCHING MY PHONE IN one hand and my purse in the other, I wince at the loud, echoing clack of my high heels as I run down the hallway of Moon Crescent High.  That unforeseen thing I had hoped wouldn’t happen, did.  As quietly as possible, I open the door to my first class.  I’m so grateful it isn’t locked.  Naturally, it squeaks on its hinges, and all eyes turn toward me.  Somebody really needs to talk to maintenance and get some WD-40 on the situation.

To my relief, there is no teacher in sight.  To my dismay, the only empty desk is located on the front row.  I’ve always been a back-row kind of a gal, but beggars can’t be choosers.  And I’m just happy as a clam to have snuck in unnoticed.  The last thing I need is a tardy.  If the school tries to contact my mother, they will realize I am living alone.  That is a headache I definitely do not need right now.

Sliding back a bit further in my seat, I cross my legs and take a calming breath.  Before I can complete my exhale, a rich, deep, panty-melting and oh-so-familiar voice reverberates through the room.

“You’re late, Violet.  See me after class.”

I’m torn between fainting and losing my breakfast.  Neither one seems like a good option, so I just sit in my seat dumbfounded, staring at the man I want more than any other.  I can tell by the fuck-me-sideways look on his face that he is in shock, too.  I can only imagine what’s running through his mind—me.  Just like he is running through mine.

Without missing a beat, he pulls up a PowerPoint slideshow on the Promethean Board and begins his lecture on French Impressionist painters like Claude Monet and Gustave Courbet.  I’m assuming I missed the Pledge of Allegiance, roll-call and the morning announcements.  I had no idea I was so late.

Try as I might, I cannot concentrate on a single thing Rhett is saying.  I really should start thinking in terms of calling him Mr. Calder.  My mind must have wandered far and wide because the sound of the bell makes me jump so hard, my knee painfully pops the underside of my desk.

As the other students file out into the hallway, I stay glued to my seat.  Silently, I watch Rhett—I mean, Mr. Calder—cross the room, close the door and lock it.

When he makes his way to me, he takes me by the arm, pulls me out of my chair, marches me to the front of the room and says, “Hands on my desk.  Now.”

My eyes grow wide, but I obey.

“Wh—what are you doing?” I ask, nervously.

“What your parents should have done a long time ago,” he says, lifting the hem of my dress.

My big, rounded ass is covered only by practically-sheer hose.  I didn’t want visible panty lines, so I didn’t put on any underwear.  I can hear the hitch in his breath when he realizes it.  Still, it doesn’t stop him from raising his hand in the air.

My words halt him mid-swing when I say, “I don’t have any parents.”

He drops his arm and the hem of my dress at the exact same time.  “What happened to them? Who looks after you?”

I explain everything to him as best I can and finish by saying, “I take care of myself.”

He knifes his hands in his pockets and stares down at his feet much like he had been doing when he bumped into me at the rodeo.  Then he snarls, “Doesn’t look like you’re doing too good of a job.  You couldn’t even get yourself to class on time for the first day of school.”

Angrily jerking my hands off his desk, I straighten my spine and say, “That’s not my fault.  I checked the oil and put gas in the car.  I can’t help it if the stupid piece of shit died halfway here.  I’m not a mechanic.”

“Watch your language, Violet.”

“I’m eighteen damn years old, Rhett.  I can cuss all the hell I want to.  I can stay up all night if it pleases me.  I can even kiss a total stranger under the stars and make his cock hard as a rock while doing it.  But you already know that.  Don’t you?”

I hear his breath gush from his chest as much as I feel it.  Even though I am as mad as I’ve ever been, the sight of his jaw muscles clenching beneath shadowy stubble makes me wet.  The heat and electrical current that was zapping like lightning between us last night at the rodeo hasn’t died out one bit.

He sits down heavily on the corner of his desk, and I know he is as exhausted as I feel.  I’m betting he didn’t get much sleep either.  Rubbing his chin, he softly says, “I’m sorry about last night.  It shouldn’t have happened.  We have to put it behind us and forget it.  I’m your teacher.  You’re my student.  As far as I’m concerned, we’re just meeting for the first time.”

I place my hands on my hips, give him my best grown-up look and say, “I don’t think your dick got the memo.  As far as it’s concerned, your hands are still filled with my hair and ass cheek.  Your lips are still on mine, and we’re still grinding our genitalia together while you push me against the hard, metal railing of the bullpen.”

He closes his eyes as if in physical pain before opening them again.  Then he repetitively runs his fingers through his thick, black-as-ink hair.  Gazing at me with a silent plea in his dark pupils, he says, “Don’t do this, Violet.  What happened between us can’t happen again.  I behaved irresponsibly last night.  Trust me; I’m goddamned relieved you aren’t a minor, but my touching you in any way is still inappropriate.”

“Watch your language, Rhett.”

“It’s Mr. Calder from here on out.  You need to go before you’re late for another class.”

“And you need to go to hell!” I scream, stomping toward the door.

He lunges off the edge of his desk and grabs me by the waist, hauling my back to his front.  His cock is hard against my butt.  His breath hot in my ear.  “I didn’t sleep at all last night because I ran away without getting your last name, your phone number or your address.  I know it’s a small town, but I couldn’t bear even the remotest possibility of never seeing you again.  So believe me when I say I know you’re hurt.  I am, too.  You think the idea of not holding you again, tasting you again isn’t fucking killing me? It is.  I’m damn dying here.  But this isn’t right.  I won’t ruin your reputation or my career before it even takes off.”

I jerk my elbow backward into his ribcage, taking pleasure in the sound of his moan as he releases me.  Spinning to face him, I say, “That’s what it all boils down, isn’t it? Your precious career?”

“Not entirely, no.  This is merely my second teaching job since graduating college.  I’m only twenty-four, Violet.  Six years older than you, but this community and the schoolboard won’t see us as two consenting adults.  They’ll see me as an older man and you as a teenager.  You’re not technically jailbait, but you are off limits,” he says, pausing to blow out a harsh breath.  “No, I don’t want to have my career flushed down the toilet.  I worked hard to get here.  But more importantly, I don’t want your reputation to be tarnished.  I want to protect you.”

“From what?”

“From everything and everyone.  But mostly from me.”

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Blackthorne Sample Chapters

Blackthorne Promo Five copy

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OVER AND OVER like a mantra, I silently say my name: Paisley Lang Meadows.  They’ve taken everything else.  I won’t allow them to take my identity, too.  I’m going to hold onto who I am until the very end, which likely will come sooner than later.

For the last thirty days, my keepers—two short, stocky men with beer bellies and bad breath—have referred to me as it.  They energetically elbow each other while exchanging aren’t-we-so-damn-clever expressions and saying things like, “Look at it all scrunched up in a ball.”  A fetal ball, to be exact.

When you’ve been locked in a perpetually-cold room and stripped down to nothing but bra and panties, it’s kind of tough to stay warm if you don’t curl into yourself.  Plus, there is the not-so-small issue of modesty.  I don’t fancy a couple of rotten-toothed bastards salivating over my barely-covered personal parts.

My favorite it phrase is when they ask me, “Is it hungry?” Then they slap their stubby knees and laugh as if they’ve just heard the funniest joke in the history of the world.  My captor, whom I’ve never met, has put these clowns in charge of feeding me and keeping me alive until it’s my turn to be killed.

I think I can say with great confidence that I know what the inmates on death row must feel like.  Awaiting one’s day of execution is a heavy burden to bear.  But unlike the horrible, hardened criminal in a jail cell, I have committed no crime.  Plain and simple, I am a victim of abduction.

During my time in what I have aptly named the dungeon due to the dank darkness, I have seen at least fifty girls my age come and go.  At one time or another, all of them have been chained to rows of rusted pipes like the one that keeps me bound to this damp, mildewed cement wall and floor.  Just like me, those girls were here to be sliced and diced for their organs.  I say were because all of them are gone.  Deceased.  Healthy thirteen-year old hearts, livers, lungs and kidneys bring big money on the black market. 

Based on how quickly the others were taken to slaughter—within days, hours or even minutes of their arrival—I would say that I am the only one to be left alive for this length of time.  Having nothing to write with or on and no way to make a mark on the solid cement, I keep count of the days with my hair.  Every evening after I’m fed, I pluck out a long, dark, wavy, strand and wrap it around the orangey-brown pipe.  So far, Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dumb haven’t noticed.  But it wouldn’t matter if they did.  Last night they made it clear I had eaten my last morsel.  Tonight it would be my turn on the harvesting table.

Despite missing the meal, I don’t feel hungry.  There’s something about the anticipation of death that mutes one’s appetite.  When I hear the footfalls echoing down the corridor in front of the dungeon, I have a sudden, overwhelming, nervous-induced, urge to pee.  There’s a recessed, metal drainage hole in the middle of the floor that me and the others were instructed to use as a makeshift toilet.  But doing so would mean standing up and making my way over to it.  Knowing I am moments away from having my internal organs extracted from my body takes my legs away.  My knees are so weak they couldn’t hold me up much less support me while I cop a squat and attempt to urinate.  Oh, well, the discomfort of a full bladder will be of little consequence when I am dead.  At least I can take comfort in that.

My heart jumps up and then lodges in my throat when I hear the squeaky knob turning on the dented, metal door to the dungeon.  Helen Keller could see it’s less than sturdy.  In fact, it’s rather rusty like everything else in this hellhole.  Ironically, it appears to be barely hanging on its hinges.  Had I or any of the other girls not been bound by brand new, invincible and industrial-sized chains, it would have been easy enough for us to escape through it.

Pulling my knees up closer to my chest, I wrap my arms tightly around them just below my knees and struggle to remain emotionally strong.  I refuse to beg or plead or become hysterical.  I won’t give these filthy, bloated bastards the satisfaction of seeing me cry.  I’ll face the end of my life with the same dignity my parents did.  Sadly but proudly, I saw how courageously and relentlessly they fought with everything in their power to save me.  To keep these thugs from taking me.  But no matter how determined my parents were to defeat the foe, it’s impossible to outfight bullets.  In their honor, I am determined to be just as brave.

It always takes a minute for my eyes to adjust when the light filters in from the door.  This time is no different.  I slowly raise my head and squint hard.

I’m expecting the high-pitched, grating, mocking voices I’ve had to endure day-in and day-out.  Instead, I get a singular one that booms and bounces off the cement walls.  “It’s over, Little Lamb.  The Butcher is dead.”

If I were a believer, I might think it was God Almighty Himself.  When my eyes finally focus, I know for certain it’s not.  According to what I learned at vacation bible school—I went one summer with a kid from my neighborhood—God doesn’t wear a solid black suit with a crisp, white shirt, a grey, silk tie and Portico cap-toed oxfords.  I recognize the style from a copy of GQ my dad kept in his study.  A nice pair of well-made shoes was the only thing he ever splurged on.

This elegantly-dressed man walks over to me and offers his big, tanned hand as if I’m supposed to take it without making any inquiries.  Since that isn’t my style, I fire off every question that enters my mind.  “Who are you? Where are Twiddle–Dee and—I mean, the two men who were guarding me? Who sent you? What are you going to do with me? Wh—”

He shakes his head, effectively silencing me mid-word.  “I’ll answer all your questions once we’re out of here.”  Then he turns to a man standing in the shadows.  His skin is so dark, I didn’t see him there.  In that low, powerful voice that seems to resonate through the concrete and into the most intimate parts of my body, the suit says, “Toss the bastards into a pile, and set them on fire.  Make it quick, Dago.  We’ll be waiting for you in the car.”

I watch as Dago nods and disappears into the darkness.  Once again, Mr. Sexy Voice reaches down to help me up.  This time, I shake my head.  “I’m not going to stand up in front of you in my underwear.”

He smiles sweetly, but his smoldering gaze is so hot it makes me feel even colder than I already am.  “Little girls hold no allure for me.”

Suddenly feeling irritated and energized by his remark, I jump to my feet and plant my hands on my hips.  Due to malnourishment, they’ve lost some of the soft curviness that filled out my jeans before the abduction.  My long, previously-well-toned legs are now super-slender and covered in downy-like stubble.

Despite being bound, I tried to keep my limbs strong by doing isometric exercises.  When I could muster the strength, I used the heavy chains holding me hostage as resistance.  But without adequate food and water, I’ve lost a lot of the muscle mass I’ve spent pretty much my entire life building.

One of the most important things my parents, Ashton and Lauren Meadows, taught me was the value of a healthy lifestyle.  Before heading out on a family hike or suiting up for a spirited session of Canadian doubles on the tennis court—me and mom against dad—he would always say, “A family that exercises together, stays together.”  I guess he wasn’t counting on one of us getting kidnapped and the other two being shot down in cold blood.

I know that sounds callous, but don’t think for a second I haven’t spent every single moment of the last month grieving my heart and soul out for them.  Because I have. 

My knees knock together while the man I view as my savior cuts through the thick, shiny chain links that have me tethered.  I have no idea where the tool he is using came from.  It’s as though it appeared out of thin air, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat or a bouquet of flowers from his jacket pocket.

When he grabs the heavy chain and tosses it into the corner, I boldly say, “I’m not a little girl, mister.  I’m a grown-ass woman!”

His dark gaze meets mine before slowly traveling down and resting on my chest.  “Your training bra says different.”

A flash of anger flushes my face; but, before I can formulate a snappy comeback, he slips off his suit jacket.  Gently, he wraps it around my shivering shoulders, scoops me up into his arms and says, “Time to go, Tiny Titties.”

Cradling me against the massive expansion of his chest, he breaks into a run as if racing towards a finish line.  Had I not been busy holding onto to his hulking frame for dear life, I would have slapped his sexy, neat-bearded, ruggedly-handsome face.  How dare he be so insulting? As soon as I have a few decent meals, I’m sure my breasts will plump up nicely.

When we reach the car, he supports the full weight of my body with just one hand and opens the back door with the other.  I fully expect him to deposit me onto the plush, cream-colored leather seat.  Instead, as smooth as silk, he slips onto it with me in tow.  Less than ten seconds after he shuts the door, I look through the rose-tinted car window and see black-as-soot smoke billowing from the block structure where I had been held.  I can almost hear the globules of fat from Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dumb crackling in the fiery flames.

When I arrived here—wherever here is—I was blindfolded.  Until now, I had no idea what this slaughterhouse looked like.  A single tear escapes my eye when I realize I am finally free.  Just as the big, salty drop rolls down my cheek, Dago slides into the driver’s seat, guns the engine and we’re off like three bats out of hell.

Shifting me in his lap, Mr. Fancy Suit reaches into his pants pocket and hands me a handkerchief.  It’s dusk now, and the sun is setting, but I can still see well enough to make out the elegantly embroidered monogram, CTB.  Dabbing the tear away, I gaze up at the sexy, square, stubbornly-set jaw of my savior.  It’s true; chronologically, I’m only thirteen, but I have the heart of a woman.  I meant what I said to him earlier.  I’m not a little girl.  I’ve always had an old soul, and the last month alone has aged me a good five years.  In my mind, I’m legally of age.

As if he can’t bear my unspoken admiration, he growls, “Don’t look at me like that, Little Lamb.  I’m not a goddamn hero.  I’m as dark as they come.  It’d pay you to remember that.”

A grown woman would not let those sorts of comments deter her, so I won’t either.

Reaching up, I run my trembling fingertips over the stubble that’s been beckoning me from the moment I first laid eyes on him.  The texture is like short, coarse blades of new grass in the springtime.  I can’t help but wonder what his beard would feel like against my lips, my breasts and even more intimate places.  He jerks his head away as if I have slapped him.  Slowly, I let my hand drop back to my lap.  “Does the prince of darkness have a name or just initials?”

His smile is small and seems to be laced with sadness.  “Carson Tanner Blackthorne.”

“The third?” I ask, grinning.  “Given the expensive, obviously-tailor-made suit and the sleek Mercedes, I figure you come from several generations of money.”

“You figured wrong.”

“So, you’re a self-made man.  I can respect that.  I’m a self-made woman, too.  I’m independent and don’t need anybody.”

He furrows his brow.  “Does the princess of independence have a name?”

“She does, but she won’t tell until you answer all her questions just like you promised.”

He takes a deep breath.  “You’re a smart kid—”


“As I was saying, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that I killed The Butcher, formerly known as Dr. Dean Mendle.  He was discharged from the military six months ago for mental instability.  When he got out, he fell on hard times and decided the most profitable and expedient way to settle his debts and make a load of loot to boot would be to harvest healthy organs from female teens, then sell them on the black market.”

“I never met him face-to-face, but I heard the others talking.  I was well aware of why he took us.  It was obvious he was the one who ordered my abduction and put those putrid-smelling simpletons in charge of me.”

“Per my client’s orders, I killed them as well.” 


“I’m an assassin.  A gun for hire.  A professional killer.”

I know Mr. Blackthorne expects me to be shocked.  Likely, he expects me to be sickened by his admission.  Or, at the very least, be terrified of him.  But the truth is I’m grateful to him for saving me.  And instinctively, I know he means me no harm.


He looks at me as if I’ve grown a third tiny titty.

“Why do I kill?”


“Lots of reasons, but mostly because the evil motherfuckers I put on ice or burn to ashes deserve to die.”

I rest my cheek against his powerful chest and curl my fingers around the soft handkerchief he gave me earlier.  “My name is Paisley Lang Meadows, and I’m glad you killed them.”

He clears his throat the way someone does when they’re uncomfortable with an unexpected or undeserved compliment.  “Well, once you’re back home with your family, Paisley, you can forget all about me.  In time, what you’ve been through will become a distant, fuzzy memory.”

A powerful onslaught of fresh tears stream from my eyes.  In between sobs, I say, “My parents are dead.  They were murdered by those pigs the night I was taken.”

Fuck! I should have tortured the fucking shit out of them before putting a bullet in their heads.”

I sniffle.  “Why didn’t you?”

“In my line of work, time is always of the essence.  No dallying around.  I get in, I get out without a trace.  Don’t you have any grandparents, aunts or uncles?”

I shake my head and blow my nose.  “My parents didn’t have any siblings, and their parents died before I was born.  Terminal illnesses and car accidents took them out.  Like I said before, I’m independent.  I don’t need anybody.”

“Well, that’s damn fine and dandy,” he says, raking a hand through his thick, chestnut-brown hair.  “But I can’t leave a half-starved, thirteen-year-old woman-child on the street.”

Finally the tears subside.  I hadn’t realized just how much I needed to let them out.  Snuggling closer to the heat of his hard, muscled chest, I whisper, “Then take me home with you, Mr. Blackthorne.  I won’t be any trouble.  I promise.”

My lids grow heavier than the chains that once bound me.  As I drift off to sleep, I hear him say through gritted teeth, “Fuck me all to hell.”


Chapter One

Five Years Later


THE WEEKS, MONTHS AND years spent away from Blackthorne have slowly bled into each other, leaving me even lonelier than I had been in my most solitary hour—in what I had believed was my final hour.  But thanks to my dark knight in a suit of Armani armor, I live and breathe, eat and sleep, hope and dream that one day I will see him again.    

The night he murdered my captor and rent asunder that which had held me prisoner, I was a scrawny teenager who had no idea what to do with a grown man.  I’m eighteen now—legally an adult—with soft curves and a raging desire that burns me up from the inside out.  Unfortunately, I still have no idea what to do with a grown man.  Five years in a private, all-girls school in the middle of nowhere isn’t exactly conducive to male companionship.  Even if I had been surrounded by a sea of men, I would only have eyes for my dark knight.  The undying flames of want flicker bright and hot in my heart, licking low between the petals of my flowering womanhood whenever I think about him.  The affliction of this unquenchable and ever-lasting inferno started the moment Carson Tanner Blackthorne held me in his arms.

As he gently cradled me in the back seat of his magnificent Mercedes, he wanted me to see him as a hard, cold and unfeeling killer.  But somewhere in the darkest depths of his eyes, I saw a softness.  A small, open window to his soul that had not yet been closed off by the nature of his business.  Beneath his steely façade, I caught a glimpse of a man who still feels.  Still hurts.  Still has the ability to care.

He cared enough to pay for my tuition at this school.  Enough to make sure my needs—except the sexual ones, of course—have been met for the last half a decade.  And, most telling of all, he cared enough to stay away.

Hannah Caruthers knocks loudly on my dorm-room door.  “Hurry up, Paisley! We’re going to be late for rehearsal.  You know how miffed old lady Bagwell gets when we’re tardy.”

“Coming!” I yell while pulling on my graduation gown and securing my cap with bobby pins. 

Hannah huffs.  “I just bet you are.”

My face heats with embarrassment.  The first night after arriving here at Bennington Private School for Girls, I was missing Blackthorne awfully bad and feeling horny as hell.  As I clenched his white, silky-soft, monogrammed handkerchief close to my heart, I slid my other hand into my panties.

In my eagerness for relief, I failed to lock my dorm-room door.  Just as I was gasping my pleasure and whimpering my dark knight’s name, the bubbly, blonde—Hannah—came bursting in to introduce herself.  It’s been five years since she caught me diddling my clit, and she’s never let me forget it.

Pushing the last pin into place, I check my look in the mirror.  The reflection staring back at me is one of a well-put-together, soon-to-be high school graduate.  My body belies a maturity my face does not.  I still have a sprinkling of little-girl freckles across my cheeks and the bridge of my nose.

Perfectly-applied makeup conceals most of them, but I know they’re there.  I was hoping they would fade over time or disappear completely before I see him again.  I haven’t laid eyes on him since the night he rescued me.  From utter exhaustion, I had fallen into a deep sleep as Mr. Blackthorne gently held and rocked me in his lap.  When I woke up, I was in this room, wearing a pair of sinfully-soft flannel pajamas.

Agnes—the den mother—told me my guardian had hastily dropped me off.  According to her account of events, I could tell he had concocted that story about a family emergency which required his immediate attention.  It wasn’t in his nature to dally around.  I get in, I get out without a trace.  Only he left a couple of significant traces: a huge donation to Bennington’s and my most prized possession—the handkerchief bearing his initials.

Although my enrollment didn’t comply with traditional guidelines, the school readily accepted me along with Blackthorne’s overwhelming generosity.  The funds paid my tuition in full for five years as well as covering the cost of construction for the brand new library and indoor swimming pool.

Initially, I was pissed and hurt to the bone about him abandoning me.  But in time, I realized he did what he thought was best.  He found a socially acceptable and honorable way to take care of me.  Like he said down in the dark basement of that slaughterhouse, “Little girls hold no allure for me.”

Taking a deep breath, I smooth the black silk gown over my hips, flip the tassel to the left side of my cap and whisper, “We shall soon see if this woman holds any allure for you, Mr. Blackthorne.”


Chapter Two


REALIZING THE WHISKEY GLASS in my hand is nearly empty, I let out a string of low curses.  It’s been the day from hell.  Three kills across two states has left me soul-weary. All I want is some peace and quiet in which to finish off this bottle of booze.  But when I see Dago entering my sanctuary—the private office on my yacht—I know that’s not going to happen. 

He’s eagerly waving a fancy, egg-shell-colored envelope embossed with light, gold lettering.  From behind my oak-finished desk, I can make out the word Bennington in elegant cursive in the upper, left-hand corner.  Without opening it, I know it’s an invitation.

Smiling brightly, he says, “It is Paisley’s big night.  You should be there.”

I grunt.  “I don’t do weddings, funerals or high school graduations.”

“I know, but I thought you might make an exception for her.”

“And why the fuck would I do that?”

“Because on a night like this one five years ago, she got under your skin.  She has been living there ever since,” Dago smugly says, tossing the envelope onto my desk.

I pick it up and flip it into a nearby waste basket.  “That’s bullshit.  You saw what a wreck she was when I found her practically naked, huddled into herself and trembling in that Godforsaken basement.  She was a helpless kid—a victim of a madman.  What was I supposed to do, just leave her there?” I ask, shaking my head.  “I tossed her a bone just like I would have any stray.”

“A bone would have been dropping her off at the Department of Social Services.  Enrolling her in the most expensive, prim-and-proper private school in the state was something else entirely.”

“What of it? A quality education is important if a person hopes to succeed in today’s world.”

“You have no formal education, and you are hands-down the most successful man I know.”

I drain the last drop from my glass and then fill it to the brim again.  “Pulling a trigger doesn’t require a diploma.”

Dago grunts.  “Maybe not, but it demands street smarts, skill and nerves of steel.”

“Thanks for the unsolicited ego boost; now scram.  This scholar of life prefers to be alone.”

My loyal, longtime friend and right-hand man sighs dramatically, indicating he has no intention of leaving.  Based on his serious facial expression and stubborn body language, I know I’m in for one of his long-winded spiels.

Perching on the corner of my desk, he interlaces his fingers in his lap.  “How long have we known each other?”

Careful not to slosh the liquid fire onto my shirt, I take a soothing swallow of amber-colored liquor and say, “Too damn long if you think you can so easily disobey my orders.  Get your ebony ass off my desk.”

He doesn’t move.  “I have been with you for twenty years, Carson.  Two decades of destroying evidence and cleaning up one dead body after another.  Watching you end the lives of hundreds of men like it was nothing.  When will it be enough?”

“When I’ve eliminated every evil fucker who walks the earth.”

Dago stands and looks down at me with sorrow-filled eyes.  “If you killed around the clock for the next fifty years, you could never accomplish that self-imposed task.”


“Yes.  No one is forcing you to take these jobs.  You have enough riches to last you three lifetimes.  Are you not tired of the carnage?”

I down the rest of my drink before answering. “It’s never been about the money.  And, yes, I’m sick to death of death, but a man can’t just forsake a calling.”

“He can if the voice calling him is only in his head.”

Using the edge of the desk, I push myself to my feet and place my hands on Dago’s muscle-bound shoulders.  “If I were able to stop, what would you suggest I do with myself?”

He shrugs, and my arms weightlessly rise and fall with the motion.  “You could take up painting, maybe bird-watching,” he says, chuckling. “Or, you could buy a private island somewhere in the tropics, settle down with a good woman and have lots of Blackthorne babies.”

“And where exactly am I to find this woman who’s dying to tie herself to an assassin, who’s chomping at the bit to pop out his offspring?” I snarl, letting my hands slide off his shoulders.

Bending down, Dago digs the envelope back out of the trashcan and hands it to me.  “Bennington All-Girls Private School.”

I laugh bitterly.  “You’re out of your fucking mind.  I’m seventeen years older than Paisley.  That makes me practically old enough to be her father.  She’s a child.”

“By law and every other way I can see, she is a woman.”

My tone is razor sharp with accusation. “You’ve been snooping around on my computer.”

“Nope.  I was sitting at this desk earlier, cleaning your gun when an IM popped up.  Den mother Agnes was sending you an update on your little lamb.”

“So? I receive reports on the performance of all of my investments.”

“This message had nothing to do with Paisley’s scholastic accomplishments.  I quote, ‘Per your request, Mr. Blackthorne, I’m sending you Miss Meadow’s senior superlative picture.  Everyone here is exceedingly proud of our valedictorian just as I am sure you are.’”  Dago grins arrogantly.  “So do not hand me any bullshit, Boss.  From afar, you have been watching this girl grow into the smart, resilient and gorgeous young woman she is now.”

“You left out innocent.  She’s as innocent as a newborn kitten.”

“And whose damn fault is that?”

“What are you getting at?”

“There were plenty of prestigious private co-ed schools in this state, but you chose Bennington.  Why?”

“Because it was the best fit for her.”

“Or, maybe it was the best fit for you and your ego.”

One-handed, I grab Dago by the throat, lifting his heels a couple of inches off the floor.  “You’ve got thirty seconds to explain yourself before I snap your neck in two.”

I wouldn’t really harm him.  I save my brand of punishment and justice for the scumbags who’ve earned it.  Bad men who do terrible, unforgivable things.  Men like my father. 

Dago stares into my exhausted, bleary eyes and says, “You want me to lay things out real clear for you, then I will.  You did not want Paisley to be around any horny, virile young men a.k.a. possible suitors a.k.a. potential husbands.  That is why you put her in an all-girls school.  You have been selfishly saving her for yourself.  You respect and admire her strength and tenacity.  Her ability to survive.  The two of you have a whole lot in common even if you refuse to see it.  Why can you not just admit she means something to you?”

I release him.  “Because she doesn’t.  Like I told you before, I don’t turn my back on strays.  That’s all there is to it.”

He gingerly rubs his throat where my fingers had been.  “Well, your stray is a sexy-as-shit babe who thinks the sun rises and sets on the massive shoulders of the man who saved her.  Hell, a blind man could have seen the hero-worship blazing in her eyes that night.”

I exhale heavily, feeling the warmth of the alcohol softening my limbs and loosening my tongue.

“I won’t tarnish her mind, body or soul with my brand of savagery.  Miss Paisley Lang Meadows deserves a man better than the likes of me.”

“Try telling her that.  Attend her graduation, listen to her valedictorian speech and then make up your mind.  Long-lasting, fulfilling romances and even marriages are built on way less than mutual respect and hero worship.  I would say the two of you are way ahead of the game.”

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His for the Touching: Sample Chapters


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Chapter One

Aviana Leif

THE SIXTEEN-FOOT HIGH, wrought-iron gate in front of my father’s mansion serves two purposes.  One: to keep other people out.  Two: to keep me in.  When a person thinks of a prison, they visualize cold, vertical bars sliding and clanking loudly within the tracks of a rectangular frame.  No one pictures black, burnished steel elegantly constructed in a fancy scroll pattern or gorgeous electronically-driven twin gates that swing open like the massive jaws of a lion lazily yawning. 

They imagine someone being confined in a six-by-eight cell with a grungy toilet and filthy sink.  They cannot fathom a prisoner sleeping in the lap of luxury inside a southern plantation-style home with twenty rooms, five of which have full baths complete with Jacuzzi tubs.  A place so grand it makes Tara from Gone with the Wind look like a dilapidated hovel in the ghetto.

Forgive me for sounding like a poor little rich girl, but that’s exactly what I am.  Within these walls of wealth, I wear the finest fashions.  Daily my body is draped in Dior, veiled in Versace and covered in Chanel while my soul is stripped naked of any real emotional connections.  I consume the tastiest cuisine prepared by the most elite chefs—all trained in France—yet I am starved for even the most basic of affections.

My father—Mander Leif—is a big-shot billionaire perfume manufacturer.  He’s also a brilliant chemist who has created some of the world’s most famous fragrances.  He spends every waking hour on one business deal or another.  The rest of the time, he’s filming his flamboyant perfume commercials, building his blog and advocating his online ads.

Despite his absences, I truly am proud of his accomplishments.  Being an African-American man born into poverty, he literally had to claw his way out of the mire.  With nothing more than a steely determination, a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for power, he built his empire from scratch.  His company—Feline Fragrances—produces the most seductive scents in the entire world.  So seductive he can’t resist screwing the waif-thin models who spritz their feathery-boned wrists and skinny, elongated necks with his brand.

Speaking of the adulterous devil, here he comes now.

Striding into the kitchen like the King of Confidence, he’s wearing a fitted suit from the Armani Collezioni G-Line.  Leisurely, he selects a porcelain cup rimmed with 14-carat gold off a silver, Sheffield serving-tray.  Filling it with espresso, he says, “Good morning, Cherub.”

The nickname is his subtle way of saying I’m his chubby angel.  I prefer it to my mother’s not-so-subtle nicknames for me: fat-ass, pudge-bucket and dough-girl.  In her defense, she mostly uses them while inebriated.  Which is pretty much around the clock unless she’s in a ritzy resort somewhere drying out.  This month it’s the Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I can’t say I miss her, but I do pity her.  Why? Because she was really something before electricity.

Based on old photographs, she was the belle of the ball.  Now, due to the heavy drinking and pill-popping, she’s a lily-white, washed-out, wrinkled- beyond-her-years socialite.  That’s right.  I’m the result of an interracial marriage.  I don’t mind my much lighter shade of mocha skin tone or my unruly, raven-colored locks.  What difference does it make how I look anyway when no one but the servants and my bodyguard see me?

Smiling up at my father from the table where I’ve just devoured a pile of smoked sausages and a stack of whole-wheat pancakes with real maple syrup, I say, “Good morning.  What’s on tap for you today?”

He takes a silent sip of his highly-caffeinated beverage—such a debonair man of his financial stature wouldn’t dare slurp—and says, “More of the same.  What sort of lofty plans does my princess have?”

Before answering, I guzzle my non-GMO, organic, pulp-free orange juice.  I know he abhors this type of unrefined behavior, and I take great pleasure in the clench of his freshly-shaven jaw.

I answer his question with a question.  “What sort of plans can a princess locked away in an ivory tower have, King Leif?” 

He sighs heavily.  “Must you be so dramatic, Aviana? You know very well that your isolation is for your own safety.”

“I’m suffocating here!”

“Then go out.”

I blow my breath so hard, a few pancake crumbs roll off the edge of my plate.  “You mean with Landon?”

“Of course.  He’s your bodyguard.  I pay him good money to protect you.”

“Father, can’t you understand how I feel? I long to be free.  To drive through those gates by myself and explore the world.  I want to go for a long walk alone.  To think and dream without intrusion.”

“Do those thoughts and dreams include being kidnapped by some sick psycho and held for ransom? Because that’s a very real possibility, young lady.  There are thousands of criminal opportunists out there waiting to get their greedy hands on my fortune.  And the best way to do that is through you.  Cherub, you have been so sheltered, you have no idea how crazy the world is.”

“I can’t imagine it being any crazier than this world,” I say, spreading my arms in a gesture meant to encompass the entire mansion.  “I know you think you’re taking care of me.  That what you’re doing is for my own good.  But there’s nothing good about being alone all the time.”

He scoffs, “You are not alone.  You have the servants as well as Landon and Laura.  She’s been your nanny since you were born.  You are literally surrounded by people all day long.”

I shake my head.  “Yeah.  People on your payroll.  I have no real friends.  I’ve never even set foot in a classroom.”

“You had the best tutors money could buy.  You have a better education than any student could hope for.”

“Education isn’t entirely about books, Father.  I’m an eighteen-year-old with no life experiences.  No boyfriend.  No hopes of falling in love and getting married.”

He smiles and softens his voice.  “I was going to wait until your mother got back from her vacation to share this news.  But given your current state of despondency, I shall tell you now.  Next month, I will be throwing a debutante-style dinner party for the sole purpose of finding you a suitable mate.  Many of my business associates have fine sons.  Young men with the proper pedigree and financial status to keep you in the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to.”

“Oh my God! I have heard it all now.”

“Actually, you haven’t, but I don’t have time to fill you in on all the details.  I’m running late for a meeting,” he says, finishing his beverage.  “We’ll talk more when I get home tonight, Cherub.”

Knowing this will be another one of many unfinished conversations, I push my plate to the side and eagerly grab the entertainment section of the newspaper.  I like to look at the latest movie releases and daydream of sitting in a theatre full of my peers, holding hands with a man of my choosing, watching Hollywood’s best on the big screen.

Of course the mansion is equipped with a home theatre bigger than most cinemas.  My father gets prescreen copies of movies long before they are released for public viewing.  But like so many other activities I engage in, they are completely empty and hollow without someone special to share them with.

As I’m about to dispose of the paper, I see an announcement that turns my insides to jelly and sends me floating away on cloud nine.

I can’t believe it, but my favorite author of all time, Gavin Winslow, is doing a book signing at All Booked Up—our town’s local bookstore.  Because I live a life of loneliness, novels have become my closest friends.  When I was younger, I enjoyed tales of action and adventure.  But when I hit puberty, I discovered the delicious world of romance.  For the last five years, Mr. Winslow’s books have taken front and center stage in my reading.  The man writes women and love scenes so well, I can’t help but imagine how good he would be in bed.

Feeling better and more hopeful than I ever have, I run to my room and start planning my great escape.  No matter what it takes, I’m determined to sneak out and meet Gavin.  I refuse to have such a scrumptious experience tainted with my father’s limo driver waiting by the curb or a bodyguard lingering by my side.  Tonight, I’m going to make a memory with the most passionate, prolific writer in the romance genre.  And guess what? He also happens to be the dreamiest man alive.

How do I know he’s so handsome? His picture is on the cover jacket of all his novels.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve fallen asleep to the sight of his thick, chestnut-brown hair haphazardly falling across his forehead.  How many times I’ve traced my fingertips along the image of his strong, square jaw and the cleft of his chin.  How desperately I’ve longed to feel his full, firm lips pressed against mine.  With any luck, I’ll at least be able to gaze into his emerald-green eyes tonight at All Booked Up.


Chapter Two

Gavin Winslow

AS WITH ALL OF my book signings, women of every age, shape, size and social status are lined up out the door and around the block.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m grateful for my readers.  I appreciate each and every one of them.  But I have a gut feeling they wouldn’t appreciate me nearly as much if they understood what a dud I am in the sack.  If they knew I was only able to make love to a woman between the pages of my books, they wouldn’t turn out in droves to see me.  No female romance reader could respect a man who couldn’t do the deed in real life.

And no, it’s not a matter of taking a little blue pill.  My problem is not a physiological one.  It’s a psychological one.  There’s nothing wrong with me physically.  For complicated reasons, I simply have a slew of sexual snakes in my head which prevent me from performing.  I’ve spent as much time on a psychiatrist’s couch as I have watching television on my own sofa.  Years of therapy have done nothing to resolve my issues.  I am no closer to fucking a woman now than when I first sought help.

My latest therapist has suggested I take a hiatus from my writing.  She seems to think I need to steer my thoughts and energy in another direction.  But what the fuck does she know? She’s not the one suffering from blue balls.  She’s not the one whose teeth stay on edge, wanting and needing a coupling that never comes.

Sliding stacks of my latest book to the side, I take a long drink of seltzer water and plaster a smile on my face.  The owner of All Booked Up, Skyler Chapman, gives me a gentle nod and unhooks the red, velvet rope separating me from my fans.

When I turn my attention from her to the first woman in line, I feel a jolt of white-hot electricity in my nether regions.  My cock jerks as hard as a fishing rod with a Hammerhead shark struggling against the line.  With her sinfully-abundant curves and her soft, sad eyes, she instantly has me under her spell. 

My mouth goes dry, and my throat works convulsively as she steps up to the table with my novel—Shadows of Seduction—pressed against her ample breasts.

I’m at a loss for words while the raging boner in my trousers threatens to burst through my zipper.  Clearing my throat, I manage to ask, “Who should I make the inscription out to?”

She blushes.  “To your future wife.”

“Come again?”

“I’m positive you haven’t made me come the first time,” she says, giggling.  “Although I have no doubt you are quite capable of giving a gal multiple orgasms many times over.  Your author bio states you’re single, Mr. Winslow.  And as sure as I know my name, I’m certain you’re the man I’m meant to marry.”

I have no idea what to say to this woman.  I’ve encountered overzealous fans before but none as bold as this one.  She gives shock-value a whole new meaning.  Even if she wasn’t acting completely nutty, she is way too young to be on my radar at all.  Judging by her flawless, creamy skin and her youthful glow, I’d say she can’t be more than eighteen.  I’m a damn decade older than her.

Feeling an overwhelming need to get her gone, I ask, “Why don’t you tell me your name? There’s a really long line behind you.  We mustn’t keep the others waiting.”

“I’m Aviana Leif, soon to be Aviana Winslow,” she says, batting her velvety-black eyelashes.

She’s a natural flirt.  A relentless one.  I will give her that.  But that’s all I can give her.  Even if I were willing to entertain such foolish notions, I couldn’t be a husband in the biblical sense to her or any other woman.  However, I’m sensing there is something super-special about Miss Leif.  Something that calls to me on a deeper than physical level.  A solidly-entrenched loneliness I can relate to.

This woman-child looks as if her soul is barely holding on by a thread.  Her naked vulnerability and the need to be loved cries out from the depths of her soulful eyes.  Pretty peepers that are wise beyond her years.

She slowly, almost reluctantly pushes the book into my outstretched hand.  While I’m signing it, she quickly grabs my extra pen and jots her phone number down on one of the bookmarks I always give out to my readers.  Lowering her voice to a whisper, she folds the bookmark in half, slides it across the table towards me and says, “Don’t lose this, Gavin.  I’ll be waiting for your call.”

With a trembling hand, I pick up what I know without a doubt is a metaphorical Pandora’s Box and slip it into my pocket.

She takes her signed copy of Shadows of Seduction, gives me a little wave and disappears into the night.


THERE WAS A TIME when I found a book signing to be invigorating and energizing.  Now I’m just happy it’s over and glad to be back home.  Ready to relax, I flip the lever on the side of my recliner.  It’s not until I’m prone that I realize how exhausted tonight’s event made me.  Maybe my therapist was right after all.  Perhaps a nice long hiatus would do me a world of good.

Clicking the remote, I turn on the late-night news and take a sip of iced tea.  A banner for the lead story crawls slowly across the bottom of the screen.  It reads: Aviana Leifdaughter of fragrance mogul, Mander Leif—has been hospitalized following a mugging outside a bookstore in downtown Sparkle City, South Carolina.  Details of her condition have not been officially released, but sources are saying her injuries have resulted in blindness.

Panic grips my heart as nausea roils in my stomach.  Fighting back disturbing, dick-deflating memories from long ago, I reach into my pocket and pull out the bookmark with Aviana’s number on it.  Against my better judgement, I feel the need to call.  My gut tells me to leave it alone.  To leave her alone.  But my soul says she needs me. 

The phone rings several times before someone comes on the line.  It’s a gruff, male voice, sounding a hundred times wearier than I feel.

“Who is this?” the voice demands.

“Gavin Winslow.  I’m calling to inquire about Aviana.”

“I’m her father.  Where did you get this number?”

“Uh, she gave it to me.”

“When, where and how?”

“Earlier this evening at All Booked Up.  She wrote it down on a bookmark.”

“I see.  So all of this is your fault.”

“I’m sorry.  I don’t follow what you’re saying.”

“What I’m saying, Mr. Hotshot Romance Writer, is this: my one and only child, the heir to my vast empire, is lying in a hospital bed, blind as a bat because of you.

“With all due respect, sir, I would say your daughter’s tragic condition is the mugger’s fault, not mine.”

“I disagree.  Based on what Aviana said after regaining consciousness, she snuck out of the house to see you.  Now, she can’t see anything at all.  Had she not been so severely smitten by your stupid little love stories, she never would have used such poor judgement.  She denies it, but I’m not so sure you didn’t do something to lure her to that bookstore.  Why else would she have foolishly ventured off alone?”

“I won’t even attempt a guess at your daughter’s motivations, but I can assure you there was no luring involved.  Until this evening, I had never met or even heard of her or you.  Please give Aviana my best.  I hope her recovery will be a speedy one.”

“You will give her those well-wishes yourself.  Be at my mansion tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.  This is your mess, Mr. Winslow.  You’re going to clean it up,” he says, ending the call before I can reply. 

Apparently, the arrogant asshole assumes everyone knows where the Leif mansion is located.  I suppose that’s what GPS is for, I think before drinking the rest of my tea and wishing it was something a whole lot stronger.

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Key Lime Kitten: Sample Chapters

Key Lime Promo One copy

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Chapter One

SKYLER CHAPMAN SAT WIDE-EYED across from Harold Pridmore.  He was stuffed behind his tiny, oak-finished desk at the First Central Bank of Sparkle City, South Carolina.  There was barely enough room between the middle drawer and the back wall for him to squeeze his middle into a well-worn rolling chair.

Mr. Pridmore was a highly-respected loan officer and as much a fixture in the small southern town as the iconic burger joint down on White Boulevard or the huge clock tower near the local newspaper office.  Harold and his wife had been lifelong friends with Skyler’s dad, Winston.

For a very brief period after high school, she had dated the Pridmore’s son, Eddie.  He was a giant snooze-fest—a gangly, redheaded accountant who crunched numbers for a local grocery store chain.  But he was safe and shy and just as inexperienced as Skyler.  For all intents and purposes, he was the perfect guy to lose her virginity to—just straight-up, bland, over-almost-as-soon-as-it-started intercourse. Nothing wild or kinky at all.

She and Eddie were definitely not in love when they bumped uglies; and, when it was over, they actually shook hands like one would at the close of a business deal.  Sure, most people might think losing your v-card should be this huge, special deal, but Skyler just wanted to get it out of the way.

In today’s world, there was a certain level of shame associated with innocence.  When she met Mr. Right, she didn’t want to worry about him having to coddle her or push past a hymen to make her a woman.  She wanted to already be one when she had her next sexual encounter.

Harold Pridmore cleared his throat rather loudly.  “As I was saying, Skyler, there’s nothing more the bank can do for you.”

She frowned.  “Can’t you extend my line of credit for a few more months? I’m sure I can turn things around by then.”

He shook his head.  “You already have two mortgages on that building, and you’ve maxed out your small-business line of credit.  At this point, you don’t even have enough collateral to get a personal loan.  I’m really sorry, sweetie.  I know how much the bookstore means to you.”

“I’m not sure anyone does.  My father not only built it with his own two hands, he literally raised me there.  He and I lived in the loft above the store.  It’s where I lost my first tooth, had my first pajama party and, sadly, where Winston Chapman had a massive heart attack and died.”

Mr. Pridmore reached his ham-fisted hand across his tiny desk and patted the top of Skyler’s shoulder.  “All the more reason to sell it.  Surely you don’t want to keep living there with such a bad memory.”

“One bad memory doesn’t erase a million good ones.  My father would want me to stay in the home we shared and run things the same way he did.  I grew up with the rich, fragrant aroma of books wafting up to our little three-room apartment.  I belong there.  All Booked Up is a part of me,” she said, sighing wistfully.  “Most nights, I stayed up past my bedtime reading with a flashlight under the covers.  I not only survived with a single parent, I thrived because I had the best dad in the whole world.  Do you have any idea how hard it was for him when my mom died giving birth to me?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.  Janice and I were there the day you came kicking and screaming into this world.”

“Then you of all people should realize how much I cherish the bookstore and what it represents.  I’ll sell a kidney before I’ll sell it.”

Just as she started to stand, Harold motioned for Skyler to lean in closer.  It was obvious he had already pushed as close to her as his big belly would allow.  “There’s no need to do something as drastic as all that.  I know a guy who’s looking for a sub.  The pay is excellent.”

Skyler smiled.  “I appreciate the thought, but I’m not qualified to be a substitute teacher.  And even if I was, the bank is going to foreclose in thirty days if I don’t come up with a huge chunk of change.”

“No, not a substitute,” he said, lowering his voice to almost a whisper.  “He’s a Dom.”

Skyler’s eyes grew even wider.  “Oh, my God! Mr. Pridmore, I’d never do business with a mafia boss.”

He dropped his head heavily into his hands then slowly raised it again.  “Not a Don, sweetie, a Dom—Dominant—who’s looking for a submissive to act out scenes with at the Kinkster Klub.  Do you understand now?”

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

His cell phone rang, and she watched him check the caller ID.  “Look, I have to get this,” he said, taking a card out of his breast pocket and handing it to her.  “The man you need to talk to is Flint Bryce. Call him, Skyler, and be quick about it.  This is Friday, and the offer will be off the table come Monday.  A deal like this could save your beloved bookstore,” he said, giving her a firm nod before answering his phone.

Skyler clenched the card in her sweaty palm and made her way out of the bank and down the street to Delightful Dishes.


Chapter Two

DELIGHTFUL DISHES WAS SKYLER’S favorite place to eat and not because her BFF, Kitty Atkins, was a waitress there and gave her twenty-percent off, but because they had the best Key Lime pie in the entire state.

When she pushed open the glass door, a little silver bell clanged on the other side of the handle.  “Hey girl!” Kitty yelled from behind the dessert counter. 

“Hello, Kitty,” Skyler said, plopping down on one of the vacant, leather-covered, maroon-colored stools reserved for customers who were dining alone.  It was an unwritten rule and not strictly enforced, but everyone knew booths and tables were for those with two or more in their party.

“Gee whiz, Sky, you look like shit warmed over.  Bad day?”

Skyler picked up a napkin in case the waterworks started.  Never in any crisis of her life had she been known to have a handkerchief.

“Bad doesn’t come close to describing it.”

Her best friend took a swipe at the counter with a damp towel then leaned her bony elbow on the chipped Formica.  “Tell Kitty all about it.”

She sighed.  “Should I start with the imminent threat of foreclosure on my bookstore or with Harold Pridmore’s sleazy solution to my financial woes?”

“Sleazy, please.”

“As you wish,” she said, dropping the crumpled business card onto the countertop.

Kitty picked it up and crinkled her nose.  “Who’s this Flint Bryce character? His name sounds like he could be some sexy military-ops dude or a ruggedly-handsome, calf-ropin’ cowboy.”

Skyler giggled, realizing that in the presence of her bestie, she would never need a napkin to wipe away tears.  It was impossible to be sad around this crazy girl.

“He’s supposed to be some sort of hotshot Dom, looking for a sub.”

Kitty batted her eyelashes at an unbelievably rapid rate.  “Well, now, don’t that sound like forty shades of fun?”

“Don’t be fresh, and don’t make not-so-subtle references to the book that shall remain nameless.”

She huffed.  “Girl, I can’t believe you haven’t read the series yet.  How can a bookworm who runs a bookstore not have read Fif—”

“Don’t you dare say it! I haven’t read them because I’m not interested in the BDSM lifestyle or any man who is, including Mr. Bryce.”

“Not even if he can save your business and your home?”

Skyler’s shoulders slumped forward, the massive weight of indecision bearing down hard.  “It would seem this man holds my future in his hands.  God knows, I’m out of options.”

“If I were independently wealthy instead of a below-the-poverty-line waitress, I’d give you the money in a heartbeat.”

“I know you would, Kitty,” she said, standing.  “I best take the whole Key Lime pie with me.  One slice won’t be enough to get me through this night.”

Taking the dessert from the cooler, she slid it across the counter.  “This one’s on me, girl.”

“Thanks.  I’ll owe you one.”

Kitty shook her head.  “Forget about that.  Just tell me what the heck you’re goin’ to do.”

“Go home.  Put on some comfortable clothes and make a phone call,” she said, grabbing her pie and the fancy business card bearing Flint Bryce’s name from off the counter.


SITTING IN HER RECLINER with her legs folded beneath her, Skyler licked the last of the gooey pie filling from her fingers.  She had spent the last two hours watching a cheesy Lifetime movie, her other guilty pleasure.  Outside of those tales of twisted-love and over-the-top obsessions, she never watched television.  Her true passion and favorite pastime was reading.  She preferred it to any other activity—even eating, and that was really saying something.  But tonight she was too distracted.  Books required a certain level of concentration, and all she could think about was the phone call she was too scared to make.  The one she instinctively knew would turn her sheltered life upside down and inside out.  The one which left her no choice if she was to save her bookstore.  Her home.

With shaking fingers she punched the numbers into her cell phone.  Having stared at the business card all night, she had already memorized it.  Her palms began sweating at the sound of ringing.  Her heart started to palpitate.  It rang once. Twice.  Three times.


Chapter Three

FLINT BRYCE GLANCED AT his Rolex.  What sort of ill-bred beast would call at this hour of night? The caller ID read, All Booked Up.  Likely one of those damn telemarketers.  He would let it go to voicemail and make a mental note to remind his administrative assistant, Joan, to have his number added to the Do-Not-Call Registry in the morning.  For all the good it would do.  Right now he had a more pressing matter weighing on his mind.  If he didn’t find a suitable sub and soon, he was going to lose out on one of the most lucrative business deals of his life.

Standing up to stretch, he noticed the red message light flashing on his phone.  He had been sitting for way too long at the desk in his home office where he had spent the last several hours poring over a pile of budget reports.  He really should set some sort of timer to get up and stretch or do squats or something, lest he develop blood clots in his legs.  That very thing happened to a guy he knew from the Kinkster Klub.  He had sat for too long on an international flight and ended up hospitalized for a DVT (deep-vein thrombosis).  Luckily, the doctors had been able to dissolve it before it broke loose and killed him.

Frowning, Flint remembered telemarketers don’t leave messages.  Rolling his neck from side-to-side to loosen the knotted muscles of his shoulders, he punched the retrieve button.

A soft, hesitant voice said, “Mr. Bryce, this is Skyler, uh, Chapman.”  He couldn’t help but smile at the sound of her nervously clearing her throat before continuing.  “Uh, Mr. Pridmore gave me your phone number.  He said you were looking for a sub, and, uh, since I’m looking for money, I thought we could talk.  Can you call me back at your earliest convenience, please?”

He didn’t like calling anyone at this late hour, but since he was sure she was still up, he decided to give her a ring.  She might just be the one he had been looking for.

Pulling up her number, he pressed the call-back option.  She answered on the first ring.  She must have been holding the phone like some silly school girl.

“Hi, Miss Chapman.  Flint Bryce here.  How long have you been a submissive?” Her pause lasted so long he thought she had hung up.

“Boy, you don’t waste any time, do you?” she asked, sounding shocked.

“No.  Answer the question, please.”

“I own a bookstore.  I mean, I’m an avid reader, not a submissive.”

“Hmm.  Then why would Harold give you my number?”

“Because the bank is about to foreclose on my business.  I need to come up with a lot of cash in a short period of time.”

“I see.  Before we go any further I have two more questions.  If you were going to bake a cake, would you use a recipe? And, if you were assembling a desk chair, would you follow the instructions step by step?”

He heard her groan.  “I am no expert on the dynamics of Dominant/submissive relationships, Mr. Bryce, but I’m pretty doggone sure baking cakes and assembling office furniture is in no way part of the equation.”

Flint found himself growing impatient and irritable.  Something was becoming painfully obvious here; this woman was a talker.  “Miss Chapman, just answer the questions.”

“Fine.  When I bake anything, I rely on my sense of taste and smell.  I throw in a pinch of this and a dab of that.  When my new dresser arrived, I put it together without reading the instructions.  They were confusing, and it was easier to simply match up the parts.  Sure, I had a couple of screws, a few washers and some sort of bracket left over, but that’s to be expected, right?”

“Wrong.  We’re done here.  Thanks for calling, but I can’t use you.”

“Wait!” she yelled, sounding frantic and desperate.

“Listen, lady: do yourself a favor and hang up.  You’re not a good fit for me.”

“How do you know that? I mean you asked me a couple of stupid questions, and that’s it.  Maybe you’re the one who isn’t a good fit.  Besides, nothing you have said makes any sense.”

“Your school teachers should have told you there is no such thing as a stupid question,” he said, smiling despite himself.  He had to hand it to her, she had tenacity.  And he had always admired women with that quality.  “Everything I’ve said makes perfect sense.”

“In what universe?”

“This one.  You can’t, won’t or don’t follow directions, Miss Chapman.  I cannot properly train a sub who refuses to obey my instructions.”

“Is that all? Look, I’ll do whatever you tell me within reason.  I don’t think Mr. Pridmore would have suggested I call you if he didn’t think we could work together, do you?”

He didn’t have the heart to tell her Harold Pridmore was a pitiful voyeur at best.  He had no clue what was involved in practicing any facet of the BDSM lifestyle.  Therefore, he was far from qualified to make any sort of judgement about who would or wouldn’t be a good sub for any Dominant.

Due to a dip in the economy, the Kinkster Klub let men like him in to increase revenue—the membership dues weren’t cheap.  Pridmore didn’t participate in the scenes.  He wasn’t there to play.  He came to the club to get his rocks off because his vanilla wife didn’t do it for him.  If he’d grow a pair and tell her about his kinky fantasies, he wouldn’t need the club.  He could take care of business in his own bedroom.

“It doesn’t matter what Harold thinks, Miss Chapman.  It’s what I know that matters.”

“And what’s that?”

“I need a submissive trainee in place no later than Monday.  I’m not making any promises, but I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself if you come by my house tomorrow evening.  If you fail any of the tests I give you, it’s a no-go.”

She squealed in his ear, and he grimaced.  “Thank you so much, Mr. Bryce.  You won’t regret this.”

He already did but figured it best not to say so.  “I’ll text you the address.  Do you have GPS?”

She laughed.  “Not in a 1993 Ford Festiva, but I can read a Google map.  I’ll find you.”

“Good.  I’ll see you tomorrow—five o’clock sharp.  Don’t be late, Miss Chapman.”

He ended the call without saying goodbye. This woman was going to drive him crazy.  He could feel it in his bones.

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His for the Taming: Sample Chapters

His for the Taming Cover Promo copy

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Chapter One

Winter Primrose

IN MY WILDEST DREAMS, I never thought I’d find myself on an auction block.  Actually, it’s more like a highly-polished, walnut-stained stage inside a fancy, historic theatre in downtown Inville.

I’m sitting beside a stark-white, decorative cube with my elbow comfortably propped on it.  However, I am anything but comfortable.  Wearing a form-fitting, fiery-red bathing suit cut seductively low in front to showcase my cleavage, I have one chubby leg bent at the knee and the other tucked beneath it.  This pose, along with the contrasting color scheme, was picked out just for me by Sarah Hellerman—a trophy wife and former pageant coordinator.  She’s married to the CEO of Marketing Madness, the advertising agency I work for.

Her pseudo-sweet tone is loosely laced with cyanide when she speaks.  “For God’s sake, Winter, hold your shoulders back! When you slouch, it makes the fat rolls around your middle protrude even more.”

I bite the inside of my jaw to keep from calling her every unsavory name in the book.  With her blonde-from-a-bottle hair, Botox-infused face and burgundy-lacquered acrylic nails, she looks like a middle-aged Barbie doll who’s seen better days.  Through gritted teeth, I grudgingly say, “I’ll try to do better, Mrs. Hellerman.”

She huffs.  “Well see that you do.  Chad needs this charity auction to be a success.”

My brain screams, Chad needs to keep his dick in his pants! My mouth says, “I’m sure everything will go off without a hitch.  The stage is full of pretty women, and on the other side of that curtain,” I nod toward the velvety monstrosity hanging in front of us, “the auditorium floor is peppered with rich, single men, waiting to place their bids.”

With a look bordering on repulsion, Sarah rearranges the now-straightened locks of my naturally-curly, auburn hair before retouching my makeup.  I feel the jealousy and resentment radiating off her in searing waves.  She, along with all the other judgmental, sickeningly-skinny, snooty socialites, think I don’t belong here.  I don’t.  And, in fact, I’d rather be anywhere else.  But her stupid, reckless husband is the reason I’m stuck on this platform, striking a ridiculous pose instead of relaxing at home on the sofa with a glass of iced tea and a good book.

Like so many of the other executives in this town, Chad Hellerman lives to chase skirts.  It was his most recent indiscretion which spurred tonight’s charity event.  Thanks to his blatant philandering, Marketing Madness has begun to suffer financially.

Several of our longtime and most lucrative clients with family-friendly campaigns have pulled their accounts, saying they don’t want their products associated with a company being run by an adulterer.  With the loss of revenue, it soon became abundantly clear to the board that drastic measures needed to be taken in order to restore our clients’ faith in Chad and the business.

Why did he choose me to be auctioned off? He said it was because my Rubenesque figure would bring in some bountiful bids.  That my curves would really get the currency flowing.  I think he wanted a little revenge.  To publicly humiliate me for rejecting his sexual advances.  From day one of my five-year career with the company, he has done nothing to hide his attraction to me.  His flirtatious behavior and sexual innuendos are never-ending.  And he hates that I never reciprocate in his lecherous inner-office games. With an over-inflated ego bigger than the great outdoors, he simply can’t fathom any woman turning him down.

Status and money have always been powerful aphrodisiacs for a lot women, but not for me.  The thing that really turns me on is the truth, and honest men are harder than hell to come by.

Standing back, forming a rectangle with the thumbs and forefingers of her hands like a director looking through an imaginary camera, Sarah sighs.  “Well, I’ve done the best I can to make you look presentable, Winter.  The rest is up to you,” she says, shaking her head.  “Do try to smile at least.  You’re as frigid as the Arctic Circle.  My husband must have taken leave of his senses when he put you up for auction.  No man is going to bid on an ice queen.”

Ice Queen.

That’s my nickname around the office and apparently outside of it, too.  I let her jabs roll right off of my frozen shoulders.  I have good reasons to be cold and icy.  Two to be exact—my father and my now ex-fiancé.


Chapter Two

Torin Stoke

I DESPISE PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES.  Believe it or not, it is possible for people to have an abundance of wealth and not act like spoiled, entitled douche bags.  I’m Torin Stoke—a self-made multi-millionaire—one who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the propriety of high society.  What I do care about is helping those less fortunate than myself.  Why? Because I’ve been where they are.  I’ve struggled.  I’ve loved and lost.  I’ve beaten the odds and want to give others an opportunity to do the same.

Tonight’s event is just one in a long line I’ve attended since finding an insane amount of success in the real estate business.  Finding isn’t the right expression.  Working my damn ass off day and night is more like it.  As a result of my relentless endeavors, I can afford to show up at charitable functions and give away lots of money.  This particular cause—a brand new, state-of-the-art, children’s oncology wing for Inville Memorial Hospital—is especially close to my heart.

When Chad Hellerman screwed up, down and sideways again, it was I who suggested the auction.  Not only am I interested in getting the hospital wing built, I also have a vested interest in Marketing Madness.  Chad’s father, Earl, made me a board member right before he passed away last summer.  He was a nice old man who realized too late what an immoral, egotistical prick his son was.

Once he saw through his flesh and blood, Earl felt like the company needed someone with a level head to look after the interest of the stockholders.   Someone who didn’t come from old money, who would show a genuine concern for the investors and make sure they actually got a return on their investment.

After having played golf together every week for a year at Inville Country Club and Spa, he asked me to be that person.  I couldn’t say no.  Earl had been like a surrogate father to me, and having him sponsor my membership into the club helped me to grow my own business by leaps and bounds.  I owed him.

At the time of our agreement, I considered it a small favor.  It wasn’t until after I took my seat on the board that I saw my role for what it was.  A fireman put in place to put out Chad Hellerman’s fires.  And damn if that man didn’t drop a match wherever he went, setting flames of destruction ablaze in his path.

Eventually, he’ll literally fuck up so royally I won’t be able to contain the damage.  When that day comes, I’ll do what I do best: sweep in, buy him out and make Marketing Madness part of my empire.  Until then, I’ll stick around and enjoy the show.

I have to admit, with his loud, booming voice, Chad makes the perfect auctioneer.  He does not need the microphone but seems to take great pleasure in placing his lips right up against it when he speaks.

Smiling his million-dollar smile, he bellows, “Welcome distinguished guests.  I’m sure all of you will agree tonight’s auction is the event of the year.”

He pauses for applause.  “The selection of beautiful women you’ll be bidding on can only be classified in one way.  Simply put, each one is the object of any man’s desires.”

Low, murmuring voices, along with the clink of crystal, reverberates through the air.  As much as I hate to admit it, a stir of excitement and anticipation causes a tightening in my low belly and in the crotch area of my slacks.  The physical reaction isn’t due to horniness.  It’s an innate response that’s hardwired into all red-blooded men.  Truly, I have no problems getting women or getting laid.

I’ve been told by hundreds of attractive ladies that they find me sexy and desirable.  Plenty of times they’ve said it while lying on their backs, legs spread wide across my bed.  The problem is, I never know if it’s me they truly want or my money.  I’m not stingy, mind you.  Quite the opposite.  I’m generous to a fault, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let a gold digger drain me dry.  When I find the woman I’m meant to be with, she will lack for nothing.  What’s mine will be hers.  I just haven’t found her yet.

When Chad pulls down on a thick, heavy, gold rope with a tassel as big as a softball hanging on the end, a floor-length, blood-red, velvet curtain draws back, revealing the ten women up for auction.  The crowd of men in tuxedos breaks into a roar of catcalls, clapping and low wolf whistles.

Chad raises his voice over the crowd, quieting them.  The room is suddenly filled with a thick cloud of testosterone as all of us gape at the beauties on stage.  Each woman has her own space on the floor, depicting a particular theme.

The first woman is dressed in an ocean-blue gown with a tight bodice and long, flowing skirt.  Her raven-colored hair is piled atop her head and styled like a saloon girl of the old west.  Gigantic peacock feathers with circles and shades of azure matching her eyes are arranged at her high-heeled clad feet.

Chad removes the microphone from the holder on the podium and walks in her direction.  With a sweeping motion of his arm, he says, “Let’s start the bidding at twenty-five thousand dollars.”

Nearly every placard rises high in the air.  A sea of yellow paddles with black, embossed numbers flap with excitement.

Feeding off the crowd, I watch Chad turn into a smooth, masterful auctioneer, speaking faster and faster in a hypnotic rhythm.

“Can I get thirty? Who’ll bid thirty? Thirty here in the front! What about thirty-five? You’ll have this exquisite woman in your presence for the entire weekend.”

A short, balding man who looks to be fiftyish squeaks out.  “Forty-five.  I’ll gladly give forty-five.”

Chad smiles devilishly.  “Two fun-filled days and heat-filled nights with this hottie.  You can do better than that.  Let me hear fifty thousand, and she’s yours.”

Squeaky lowers his paddle, but a tall, lithe man wearing glasses and an expensive-looking toupee raises his.  “Fifty thousand right here, Chad.  She’s mine.”

“Okay, fifty is the new bid.  Do I hear fifty-five?” he asks, bouncing on the balls of his feet and looking around the sea of men who are now waiting to bid on the next woman.  “Fifty it is then.  Going once.  Twice.  Sold!”

For the next eight women, the process is the same.  Rinse and repeat.  Sold.  But when Chad gets to number ten, his smile and gait falters.  I can see the sickening look of desire flaying his face like a gutted fish.  He wants this one for himself.  Even with his wife standing in the wings to his left, he can’t seem to mask the unadulterated fever in his eyes.

I suck in a sharp, almost painful breath as my own lusty gaze slowly moves over the never-ending curves of her voluptuous body then back to her gorgeous face.  The subzero-degree expression frosting her cheeks and eyelashes could make a polar bear shiver.  I can’t stop a wicked smile from lifting the corners of my mouth.  Given a day or two, I’m confident I can melt her icy exterior with my charms.  But if that doesn’t work, the slap of my belt across her perfectly-rounded ass should get the job done.

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