Kickass Dog Parents!

thaddy Mobile

A few months ago our rescue dog, Thad—a border collie/chow mix—began experiencing weakness in his hips due to normal age-related stuff. He is fifteen years old now, so some decline is expected. Anyway, his condition progressed to the point that he was no longer able to propel himself up the thirteen steps to the deck. During that time, my husband carried our 70-pound fur baby up and down the stairs. But it just became too much for Rick’s low-back because Thad was bad to wiggle around when being lifted. After much discussion, we decided our boy needed a ramp. The ones we saw online were not up to our standards and, due to the landscaping, would have been way too steep anyway. So, off to Lowe’s Rick went for a butt-load of lumber. Together, we built the perfect doggy handicap ramp off the end of the catwalk. It is finished, minus the top railing. I am happy to report that Thad loves it and is once again independently mobile. I don’t mind saying that between the bed I made and the ramp we built, Rick and I are kickass dog parents. I was able to catch an action shot of Thad in mid-step. What a cutie!

When I’m not building decks and ramps, I write feel good romances that will leave you feeling great! You can find my latest releases here: Lynn Cooper Romances


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